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    Japanese lesson/Support for living in Japan/Support for Japanese teachers, etc.

    One on one (Nagoya classroom)

    You can learn at an ideal environment in Nagoya.

    My classroom is a 10 minute walk from Hara station, on the Tsurumai line.

    Group lesson (Nagoya classroom)

    Effective but reasonable fee.

    Students up to three can have group lessons at a reasonable price.

    (See Lesson Fee)


    Online lesson/Skype

    Very flexible arrangement of lesson is possible.

    You can arrange and rearrange your lessons and can study with good concentration in your own environment.

    Support your living in Japan

    booking/advice of all sorts, etc

    ・Translation service for school newsletters, etc.

    ・ Introducing translators/interpreters/teachers

    ・ Help you to find solutions, such as

    getting your driver's license, collecting information.





    どう始めるか・コツ・生徒のケア・スカイプ英語 他。


























    どう始めるか・コツ・生徒のケア・スカイプ英語 他。























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    One on one


    (Nagoya classroom)


    Group lesson


    (Nagoya classroom)



    Online lesson





  • Rules

    How to pay and cancel rules

    Cancel rules

    I need one day notice

    Please email me by midnight of the previous day of your lesson. The same day cancellation is counted as a lesson.


    When you need to take time off from your lesson for holiday or business, please do not hesitate to let me know.


    Arranging a makeup lesson is highly recommended rather than skipping one to make a big gap between lessons.

    Contact me via email

    Very important to cancel or other contacts

    When you need to contact me for cancelation or any other purpose, emailing me is the most effective way.

    I will let you know my email address when we start our lesson.

    Until then, please use the INQUIRY page of this site.

    How to pay

    Bank transfer/PayPal

    Please pay 10 lessons in advance before your lesson starts. Once paid, no refund.

  • Students' review

    Filip, what did you think about my lesson?

    Whenever you are ready to restart, I am ready.

    We should finish reading Urusei Yatsura first, shouldn't we?

    Filip Zrak, 25, translator, Czech Republic

    "Makiko sensei is a perfect and fun Japanese teacher for either face to face and skype lessons."


    In April 2012 I was visiting Japan for the first time. While there, I also wanted to improve my Japanese skills and so my search for an ideal Japanese teacher began.
    Unfortunately, I didn't have much luck, many of the teachers knew very little English or I wasn't satisfied with their approach.
    That was until I found Makiko sensei through some Japanese teacher's portal (I don't remember its name).
    I was pleasantly surprised how good her English was and when we exchanged a first couple of emails, she was even very helpful with my non-lesson related questions I had and really cared about how it would be best to improve my Japanese, which I really appreciated.

    Later, when we've first met in Nagoya, she was very nice and kind and I've found out she is a very good and professional teacher. Not only she fully focused on lessons, but she was kind enough to show me the way around Nagoya and helped me a lot.

    When I was about to leave Japan we've also agreed on Skype lessons, and I must say it was great to have some kind of connection with Japanese even from my home here in Czech.
    At first, I had my doubts about these Skype lessons and especially student-teacher interaction, but my worries were soon washed away. It was not only about keeping my Japanese alive (as I thought) but just in a couple of weeks, I really improve a lot.

    So, if you prefer fun and goal-directed approach to your Japanese studies (face to face and/or Skype), I think My sensei is the best choice for you, and I can surely recommend her!

    Ryan, how are you?

    I am so happy to know that you are doing fine.


    Nagoya, Japan

    May 2012 - January 2013

    Living in Japan for seven plus years made me realize that for personal and professional reasons I needed to become more fluent in Japanese. Being a busy professional and not having the time for normal Japanese classes I was introduced to skype Japanese classes.


    Skype is where I met Makiko sensei and instantly connected with her because of her positive personality and cross-cultural knowledge. During nine months of classes Makiko-sensei was always flexible to meet my changing schedule and skype allowed me to continuously study no matter where I was. The lessons were always constructed with my goals in focus and Makiko-sensei would also help me to understand how the language is connected to the culture. At the end of my study I was more confident about my Japanese and was able to pass the Japanese language proficiency test N4.


    Thank you Makiko-sensei for your continuous support and helping me reach my goal. I wish you and your students the same success with the skype Japanese classes.


    Best Wishes,

    Ryan Wilson

    Thank you Jaonnah, didn't we struggle and enjoy our lesson?

    It was quite intense!


    Resercher, USA


    For anyone looking to improve his or her Japanese ability, Makik sensei has the dedication and expert teaching skills that will help you reach your goals.

    While tailoring lessons to achieve your specific goals, her comprehensive approach ensures that you progress in various aspects of the language, including the use of

    interesting expressions, pronunciation, grammar, communication strategies, and cultural understanding.

    While researching for my Ph.D. in Japanese literature at Nagoya University, I greatly benefited from my lessons, both in-person and via Skype. For our in-person lessons, I would send her my reading in Japanese beforehand and we would go over the text together. Many of these articles were extremely challenging and in a variety

    of fields from Art History to Classical Japanese literature, but Makiko sensei took on even the most daunting tasks with enthusiasm. For presentations in Japanese, I would send her the Japanese and English versions that I had worked up, and she helped me to create a polished and natural-sounding version. Of course there were times when I found it nearly impossible to translate my ideas directly into Japanese.

    However, due to her English fluency, I was able to discuss my ideas with her so that the nuances of my argument were not lost in translation.

    For Skype lessons we would follow the same format with equally successful results, the advantage of Skype lessons being the flexibility that they allow.

    Especially during crunch time, she was able to fit me in when physical distance or hectic schedules prevented face-to-face meetings. In addition to being a gifted

    teacher, Sawaguchi sensei has a winning personality and unmatched dedication to her students and this comes through in all of her lessons, whether in-person or via

    Skype. She has enabled me to delve more deeply into my research and express my ideas more fully in Japanese than I thought possible, and what is more, she makes it a lot of fun.





    Stephanie san, thank you for being a very patient student with almost no gap between the lessons. I appreciate your hard work while being a mother of two little ones and a hard working Mom!

    Stephanie Blind

    Ebina, Japan

    “I am so relieved to have found Makiko-sensei. Not only is she a truly effective and motivating teacher, her flexibility makes it possible for me to have lessons at all! I needed a teacher who could work with my very busy schedule and she is the perfect solution. My son is in yochien, and without her help translating all of the newsletters he brings home, I’d be completely lost. Thanks so much, Makiko-sensei!”

  • About myself

    Who I am, what I have been doing

    Love teaching!

    Born in Tokyo. Have been teaching Japanese for almost 25 years


    Dokkyo University in Saitama:

    BA with a major in American and British literature


    Sendagaya Japanese Institute in Tokyo:

    Japanese teacher training course


    Certified Japanese teacher

    Japanese Language Teaching Competency Test.


    Toeic speaking and writing test

    Speaking score 180 out of 200, proficiency level: 7

    Writing score 170 out of 200, proficiency level: 8


    Dear Nihongo learners and those who are interested in starting…



    I spent most of my teaching life in Tokyo until I moved to Nagoya in April 2011, where I opened a small Japanese classroom.


    I now also have a growing number of Skype students.


    I am a very genki, keen-on-teaching teacher.


    I use my own highly-effective phonic system to fix your pronunciation.


    My teaching method includes lots of role-playing and is very effective (not only fun).


    As a mother of two Japanese/English speaking teenage girls and being married to a Kiwi, my everyday language is English and I have established some strong ideas about pushing my students so that they really can start to speak in their own environment.


    I am very good at ice-breaking and can explain grammar and cultural background well in English to support your study and life in Japan.


    I can also help you prepare for the JLPT and customize your lessons to enable you to reach whatever other goals you have.


    If you are living overseas, I can give you good information about living and learning in Japan. I will be your supporter, guide, and coach, as well as your Japanese teacher.



    By the way, I myself could not be too certain about whether Skype lesson could really be effective or not until I started to teach by this method. Try my free trial lesson to know what this is like. It allows you to concentrate better, and these lessons are actually a lot more intense than you’d expect – as long as you learn with an experienced, professional teacher.

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